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Epoch Zero is a one-of-a-kind non-fungible token (NFT) project that was created by a group of active members of the IOTA community. The founders of the project have a goal of attracting early-stage investors and providing them with the opportunity to support projects with unique concepts.

Additionally, we want to use the project to give back to the community by supporting initiatives that would benefit the broader IOTA ecosystem. Through the use of cutting-edge blockchain technology, EpochZero aims to provide members with a secure and transparent platform for participating in the development of these exciting projects.

Our Mission

EpochZero and the OG Pharaohs NFT collection will use F.U.E.L. to benefit the different projects and the broader DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) and its members.

The FUEL concept is intended to emphasize that the EpochZero projects and its NFT collection will not only be a source of enjoyment and entertainment for its members, but will also provide useful tools and resources for education and growth.

Additionally, the project will serve as a launch pad for new initiatives and ideas that can help drive the development of the DAO and its community.

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Inside the TOMB


All aspects of the project, from the products and services offered to the community and the rewards and incentives provided to members, will be based around and denominated in $FUEL Tokens.


IOTA pooled validator nodes are an interesting and innovative approach to distributed ledger technology that can help to improve the security, efficiency, and accessibility of the IOTA network.


The game's combat mechanics and challenges will be designed to provide a fun and engaging experience for players, while also allowing them to showcase and utilize their collection of NFT characters.

Draw it out




Launch the collection

All NFTs are hand-drawn and include a wide range of over 120 traits across 11 categories. These traits range from creative and innovative to humorous and sometimes over the top. The mint will be a blind box, more info to follow.



Rarity Chart

This NFT collection is not just a random selection of traits. Our in-house generator has incorporated an algorithm into the rarity chart, adding an element of surprise and challenge for collectors. Can you unravel the mystery?



Community Build

This platform is a place for NFT enthusiasts and creators to collaborate and connect with other members of the Pharaohs community. It can be used to coordinate NFT projects, share updates and announcements, and discuss all things Pharaohs.



The Next Generation

We want you to be a part of the journey and experience all that we have to offer. Whether it's participating in a community build, discussions/events on discord, or following updates and announcements on twitter, there will be plenty of opportunities.

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